Friday, November 13, 2009

Bringing Jimmy Choo to You!

If you are like me, you walk by the Jimmy Choo store and peer in at all the beautiful shiny shoes that put you in a fashion trance so deep you almost convince yourself to spend your months rent on a pair. Fortunately the image of myself sleeping in a box on the street (wearing my new Jimmy Choo's of course) snaps me out of it and I walk on with no Choo's in hand. But ladies (and gentlemen too) our luck has changed, Jimmy Choo is designing a line of price friendly shoes, accessories and fashions for the popular store H&M. With shoes at the center of the collection, Choo has also designed bags, jewelry and men's and women's clothing that will debut in select H&M stores worldwide Saturday, November 14. To see the now affordable line, which ranges in price from around $25 to $250, go to H& and don't be afraid to brag to your friends that you bought not one, but two pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes in one day!